The Guide to Ancient Greece
Hercules’ parents were the god Zeus and a mortal woman whom I don’t know the name of. Hera, Zeus’ “Queen” was very jealous and sent two serpents to kill Hercules when he was just an infant. Hercules, in his crib strangled both the snakes to death. When Hercules became of age he had proven his super human strength, skill with a bow, and his wrestling abilities. Hera had driven him so mad he killed his own children. For his crime he was sentenced to a list of labors. The 12 labors were more commonly known as Labor One: The Nemean Lion, Labor Two: The Hydria, Labor Three: the Cerynitian Hind, Labor Four: the Erymanthian Boar, Labor Five: the Augean Stables, Labor Six: The Stymphalian Birds, Labor Seven: The Cretan Bull, Labor Eight: The Mares of Diomedes, Labor Nine: Hippolyte’s Belt, Labor Ten: the Cattle of Geryon, Labor Eleven: The Apples of Hesperides, Labor Twelve: the Capture of Cerberus. Yeah, long list.  Each task was nearly impossible but Hercules did it all. It was poisonous Hydra venom that eventually brought about his demise. He died by the side of his Wife.