The Guide to Ancient Greece
Zeus (Jupiter in Roman) was the god of the Greek gods. He was the ruler of the sky. Zeus’s symbol is the thunderbolt, which he is usually holding in descriptions and other ancient stuff. He was quite powerful, (of course) charming, persuasive, and strong in many ways. He was married to Hera and had many children, most not with Hera. Hercules was one of his children and so was Athena, who emerged from his head.

Here is a story of Kronos defeat:

         Before Kronos could kill his own father, he was warned that one of his children would kill him. So, whenever a child was born, he would eat the poor baby (yuck). But when their sixth child was born, Rhea hid baby Zeus and gave Kronos a rock wrapped in a blanket to eat. Which he did eat.

         Zeus was hidden and raised secretly. Once he was raised, Zeus ambushed Kronos while he was out hunting. Zeus kicked Kronos so hard that Kronos threw up the other five gods that he had eaten. The gods were unharmed and undigested, thankfully! They defeated Kronos together with the help of their mother, Rhea.