The Guide to Ancient Greece
Poseidon (Neptune in Roman) was the god of the sea. He was very creative, and he created all the creatures in the sea (impressive). Poseidon is usually pictured holding his trident. He was the son of Kronos (evil guy who ate Poseidon and his other children, except Zeus) and Rhea. He helped his mother and siblings defeat Kronos, which I can understand because Kronos tried to eat him.

Here’s a story about Athens:

          The people of Athens wanted to find someone to rule Athens, which wasn’t Athens at the time. Poseidon and Athena both wanted to be that particular person, this started a contest to be the ruler. The one who gave Athens the best gift would win, with the Athenians (people who lived in Athens) picking the best gift.

          Poseidon struck the ground with his trident and a well appeared. But, the well water was salty, so the Athenians couldn’t use it. Athena struck the ground with her spear and planted an olive branch in the hole. So an olive tree grew there, and olive trees symbolize peace and prosperity.

          The Athenians were more impressed with Athena’s gift, so Athens was named after her. But, Poseidon didn’t like this decision, so he cursed the city to never have enough water.