The Guide to Ancient Greece
Here's a statue of Apollo.

      Apollo was the Greek god of light, order, arts, music, reason, and prophecy. He was the son of Zeus and Leto, and the twin of Artemis.

Here’s a story!

       Have you ever heard of the Python of Delphi story? Well, if you haven’t, you need to! When Apollo was only four days old, he set off to defeat the Python of Delphi (Can you imagine that, only four DAYS old?)

        The Python of Delphi had terrorized his mother, Leto, while she was giving birth to her twins. Which is why he wanted to take revenge on it. Apollo was given a bow and arrows as a gift, and set off to the python’s cave.

       The Python lunged for Apollo, but Apollo was much quicker. Apollo threw an arrow into the python’s head. The python then died in horrible pain, but Apollo had got his revenge.

       In his joy, Apollo played a song on his lyre. The song was soooo beautiful that he also became the god of music. Then, Apollo buried the python and created the Oricle of Delphi on a mountain.

       But Apollo had commited a crime (I don’t know what the crime was, sorry), and he had to be purified. So, Zeus ordered Apollo to create the Pythain Games at Delphi. Apollo did, and starting then, the games were held every four years in Apollo’s honor.

       That was a long story, wasn’t it! It had lot’s of twists and turns! But, I guess, it turned out fine for Apollo, in the end.