The Guide to Ancient Greece

Hera's symbol is the peocock.

Hera (Juno in Roman) was the goddess of marriage. She was Zeus’s husband and sister. She appears as a beautiful young goddess, more beautiful than Aphrodite. Her symbol is the peacock, which maybe represents all her different sides, maybe.

Hera and Hercules:

          Hera hated Hercules because Zeus had him with another woman. She tried to ruin things for him at every opportunity. She even set up Hercules 12 Labors(read about this on Hercules page). But, the first thing she did was put two serpents in his crib when he was an infant. Hercules quickly strangled them, and Hera was quite surprised.

          Another attempt she made was to drive Hercules mad, which she accomplished. The mad Hercules killed his own wife and children. Hercules punishment for doing that was the 12 Labors. But, he accomplished those hard tasks, which infuriated Hera.

          Hera never did get rid of Hercules. But, when he died, she kind of forgave him, which I guess is good.