The Guide to Ancient Greece

We all know Medusa from Percy Jackson but do we know her backup story? Medusa was born a girl so lovely and beautiful Athena got jealous. Poseidon fell for her and had children with her.  Only they had children in one of Athena’s temples.  Big mistake.  Athena was steaming mad and turned Medusa into a gorgon. Even worse, Athena helped Perseus kill her later on.  Someone has a grudge…. 

            Perseus killed Medusa by chopping off her head.  After he left with the head, Athena took the other parts of the body.  Ugh!  People do not respect other’s privacy.  Athena flayed off Medusa’s skin and made it into her trademark Aegis.  She gave two drops of blood to King Erichthonius explaining that one drop of the blood would cure a disease while the other was deadly poison.