The Guide to Ancient Greece

This is Hades, probebly in the Underworld.

Hades (Jupiter in Roman) was the god of the dead. He lived in the underworld, figures. He was very rich, persistent, and determined. He was married to Persephone; he was greatly in love with her, which sometimes served as a weakness. He had a “pet” named Cerberus, which is in Harry Potter (awesome series by the wayJ). Cerberus

Persephone and Hades story:

         Hades fell madly in love with Persephone, and he decided he would marry her. So, one day while Persephone was gathering flowers, Hades came and captured her. He took her, against her will, to the underworld; Persephone becoming the first living visitor in the underworld.

         After searching for her daughter everywhere, Demeter destroyed many things searching for her beloved daughter. The goddess Hecate told Demeter that her daughter had been taken away, but she did not know by whom. So, they went to Helios, who saw everything under the sun. Helios told Demeter that Hades had taken her daughter.

Demeter did not, at all, want Persephone to marry Hades. So, she destroyed crops and didn’t allow things to grow. Zeus realized that, without Persephone with her mother, everyone would starve. So, Zeus sent Hermes to fetch Persephone from the underworld. Hades agreed but before letting her go, he gave her a single pomegranate seed. Persephone ate the seed before realizing the trap she had fallen into.

Anyone who ate food from the underworld had to remain in the underworld (sad, right). Rhea suggested that Persephone stay half of the year with Hades and the other half with her mother. They all agreed to the compromise. In the spring and summer Persephone stayed with her mother, which was a very nice, happy time. Winter and fall were spent with Hades, which was cold and unhappy.