The Guide to Ancient Greece

Here's a picture of Aphrodite. Finally, one that's appropriate!!!

Aphrodite (Venus in Roman) was the goddess of love and beauty. She appears as a beautiful, perfect, young woman. She was married to Hephaestus, but she fell in love with Ares at one point in time. Aphrodite means “born from the sea foam”, which is exactly what happened.

The Judgment of Paris:

         All of the gods and goddesses were invited to Thetis’s and Peleus’s wedding, with the exception of Eris. Enraged at this (it seems like a god or goddess always gets mad in these stories), she went to the wedding and threw a golden apple into the crowd.

         The apple fell at Aphrodite’s, Athena’s, and Hera’s feet. Zeus picked it up, and ‘For the Fairest’ was written on it. So, Zeus picked Paris, a mortal, to choose the fairest of the three goddesses. Paris agreed and they arranged a time for him to judge.

         When the day came, Paris waited on Mt. Ida for the goddesses. First, Hera approached him and offered him wealth and power in exchange for the apple. This excited Paris, but there were still two more goddesses left.

         Then, Athena approached him. She offered him victory in all battles, glory, and wisdom. Paris was even more excited now.

         Last, Aphrodite walked up to Paris. She offered him the gift of love in return for the apple. Paris, enchanted by her words and beauty, agreed to her.

         Aphrodite kept her promise, and gave Paris Helen, the most beautiful woman on earth at that time. But, in order to get her, he had to take her from her powerful husband. So, the ten-year war between the Trojans and Greeks began. In the war Paris lost his life. (Unhappy ending L)