The Guide to Ancient Greece

Here is Athena watching the lands.

Athena (Minerva in Roman) was the goddess of wisdom. She is usually pictured with a helmet on and holding a shield. Her symbols are the owl and a shield with Medusa’s head on it. She was very intelligent, a good defender, and a good peacemaker.

Athena’s Birth:

         Athena’s father, Zeus, was told by the oracle that a son would overthrow him. One day, Zeus and her mother, Metis, were in a field one day. Zeus said that they should shape-shift, so they did; changing into many animals. But, when Metis turned into a fly, Zeus swallowed her.

This was to prevent Metis from having a child. But, Metis was already pregnant with Athena. So, she gave birth to Athena in Zeus and nurtured her.

         Zeus started to get MAJOR headaches. Zeus did not know what was going on inside him. When he could bear the headaches no longer, he asked Hephaestus to crack his head open. After all, he is immortal so he can’t die.

         Out of the crack came fully-grown Athena. She was wearing full armor. The birth of Athena can symbolize her smarts, she did come out of his head.